Available Goats

Currently we have a buck and some does in milk for sale. Please check back frequently since we may sell a buck or doe in milk as our herd expands. 

Available Bucks

Oak Grove Grover


Sire: Quaking Canopy Durango Fir

SS: Castle Rock Yosemite Pine

SD: Castle Rock Dubliner Cheddar

Dam: Calico Springs Pel Merek

SS: The Piece of Eden WS Legacy

SD: Calico Springs SW Shalom

This little guy is a sweet, loveable buck that was the first kid born on our farm. We kept him because he was such a sweet kid, but we haven't used him because he is too closely related to our other goats and we wanted to bring in some new lines with our bucks. He would love a job to do and is easy to handle.

Price: $350

Available Does 


Petrichor Oak Grove Shadow

Sire: Blythmoor Payday

SS: Diji Farm SD Gunslinger

SD: Blythmoor HM Almond Joy

Dam: Blythmoor Jujube

SS: Blythmoor John Henry

SD: Blythmoor Peppermint Patty

This young first freshner is a great doe, but she is for sale because we have tried to get her to be more friendly but she is a pretty shy goat. She has very nice markings, good milking lines, nice topline and had twins this year. Maybe in a smaller herd with more attention she will bloom for you.