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Currently we have a doe for sale that we could expose to a buck. Please check back frequently since we may sell a buck or doe in milk as our herd expands. 

Available Bucks

Available Does 


Sipsy is a well bred goat, in fact one of the first goats that we acquired when I first started getting Nigerian Dwarf goats. However, she is not as friendly as I would like her to be and now that I mostly get bottle babies or retain my own, I'm used to really friendly goats. She has had four pregnancies while on my farm and delivered unassisted or on her own. She had twin boys in 2019, one boy in 2020, twins in 2021, and twins again in 2022. I also think in a smaller herd she could become friendlier with more attention. She is discounted due to her being shy. She has a nice udder, but was not milked in 2021 because she got an infection after birthing, and then in 2022, she needed to be reintroduced to milking and I didn't have the time and energy.

She can be bred to any of our bucks for an extra $150.



Date of Birth : 4/12/2017

Calico Springs Pel Sipsy

Sire: The Piece of Eden WS Legacy

SS: Pholia Farm RD Wubstep *B

SD: AGS Piece of Eden Lulu

Dam: Calico Springs Pel Aspen

DS: The Piece of Eden WS Legacy

DD: Calico Springs Doe Cascadia

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