Available Kids

Available Doelings

Currently we do not have any available doelings, however we are planning our spring births already and will have kids as early as mid January.

Available Bucklings

We have one buckling that I can't decide wether to keep or sell out of Sequoia Mtn BP Daisy and Sequoia Mtn CN Percy. He is a gorgeous, friendly, chocolate and white buckling that I might sell for $350 since his mother is a first freshner.

Sire: Sequoia Mtn CN Percy

SS:Castle Rock Clark's Nutcracker *B

    SSS: CRF Castle Rock Harvest Moon ++*B

    SSD: GCH AGS Cloverdale YJ Blue Raven 1*M

SD:Sequoia Mtn L Makita

    DDS: The Blessings a Mini Larkin

    DDD: Toaheedliinii IM Gimli

Dam:Sequoia Mtn BP Daisy

DS: Alethia JD Bachelor Party +*B

   DSS: Alethis CTO Just Dew It +*B

   DSD: GCH Buttin'' Heads Wedding Proposal 2*M

DD: Gladdie Acres AR Beamer

    DDS: CH Gladdie Acres Giorgio Armani

    DDD: SG Gladdie Acres BV Austyn-Healy 2*M