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Babydoll Sheep

We purchased conformationally correct Babydoll sheep from all four of the registries in order to create two different herds on our farm. We are creating a solid herd of white and black sheep as well as a spotted herd. We feel it is important to create both solid and spotted Babydolls in order to add diversity to the spotted Babydolls, additionally there is a diversity in the market by having both solid and spotted sheep since the price of both varies considerably. Babydoll sheep are often used to keep vineyards and orchards well groomed because they cannot stand on their hind legs to eat up, however they are also an excellent meat breed due to their large body on small legs, and additionally they have very nice fleece often compared to cashmere.


Babydolls are easy keepers, do not require a lot of grass or hay, are very worm resistant if rotated, and their hooves are also very rot resistance as well. 


Our Ewes 


Our Rams

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