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Breeding Schedule

This is my first planning of our breeding schedule for 2023, I will start breeding August 9, 2022. Sometimes it just depends who is in heat first, who goes into heat, who takes the first time, etc. I will update this plan as things change, but if you are  interested in any of our planned pregnancies, please contact me at and we can talk more about what you are looking for and I can get your information and let you know when to expect kids! I do not take deposits just because I feel like it gets too complicated and you never know what will be born. But I will write down what you would be interested in and get back to you after I have some kids on the ground. 

This is also the first year I will also have some Nubians born at Groovy Goats, so stay tuned for those kiddings, some may be retained, but there will definitely be many sold and they will be sold earlier than the Nigerians since they are larger and can go sooner as bottle babies. 

January = Blue, February = Red, and March = Green


Ivyridge Sir Drax

Humfleet's LBM Sabrina

Humfleet's LDP Easter's Jolene

The Davinia's DX Peter Quill

Covenant Farms Lacy's Blond

Humfleet's SL Sacagawea


Nigerian Dwarfs

Camanna MG Oriole

Groovy Goats BR Sapphire Blue   possible blue eyes      

Groovy Goats BM Autumn in Blue  possible blue eyes     

Calico Springs Athena                                                     

Petrichor Smoky (This Doe will be sold bred)

Quaking Canopy Silver Birch

We are so excited to see what this buck brings to our herd, his dam is Quaking Canopy Up Up and Away (Dolly) daughter to Olly VE+V 86 and his Sire is Redstone Feels Like a Stranger *B. Dolly milks about 5.1 lbs on her last milk test, so he is sure to bring plenty of milk and his sire ....

Stayawhile EA Speed Reader

Prairie Wood Chloe possible blue eyes

Four Cedars WM Stella

Groovy Goats BO Sage

Groovy Goats JJ Penny in Blue possible blue eyes and polled

Groovy Goats OR Phoebe

Groovy Goats OR Lizzie in Blue possible blue eyes

Prairie Wood BS Tungsten

This is our new silver buck that we are pairing with excellent udders to ensure that we are not only breeding for color but excellent milk capacity as well as the possibility of silver coloring. He comes from excellent udders as well, so this should be some nice pairings.


Loperried JT Jet Fuel   

Groovy Goats OR Serenity 

Groovy Goats JJ Gwendolynn in Blu possible blue eyes and polled

Quaking Canopy Up Up and Away VE+V 86

Tua Farms MB Gidget possible polled

Puttin Up Jay (polled and moonspots)

Groovy Goats DC Coco possible polled and moonspots

Groovy Goats DC Sienna possible polled and moonspots

Sequoia Mtn CC Redbud (Fawn) possible polled and moonspots

Caprinos SF Charisma possible polled and moonspots

Castle Rock New in Town

Saltiere Farm B Madonna Lily  possible blue eyes        (This Doe will be sold bred)

Sequoia Mtn BP Daisy possible blue eyes and polled  

Stayawhile ML River's Edge  possible blue eyes     (This Doe will be sold bred)

Sequoia Mtn CC Lady Madonna (Willow) possible blue eyes

Groovy Goats JJ Midnight in Blue possible blue eyes and polled

Groovy Goats Harry Potter 

Harry is a young buck that we think is going to bring nothing but good to our program. He is a combination of Sequoia Mtn CN Percy who comes from Castle Rock Clark's Nutcracker and Sequoia Mtn BP Daisy who comes from Alethia JD Bachelor Party and Gladdie Acres Beamer. We are so excited to see what he can bring as a buck to our program, so we are trying him out with a few does this year.

Groovy Goats BR Feather    (this is a repeat breeding)                                        

Camanna CI Caledonia Blue Ice  possible polled and blue eyes 



Groovy Goats DC King Arthur (polled) 

While young, we are very excited about this young buck out of Tua Farms Gidget and Sequoia Mtn DollCatcher. Dollcatcher has brought lots of nice milk to those does that have been bred to him in the past and Gidget comes from lots of dairy and lots of milk. 

T-Hanging-A Sparkles possible blue eyes 

Groovy Goats JJ Sir Lancelot (polled and blue eyed)

This up and coming buck is a very young buck whose mother is all dairy. She is a Sequoia Mtn doe that we love that is only on her third freshening but has already been milking 4-4.5 lbs on once a day milking. She is also a lovely red color and her son carries that same coloring, plus he is also polled and blue eyed. So we are hoping that he brings that wonderful dairyness to some of our does. 

Petrichor Oak Grove Snowy possible blue eyes and polled  

Calico Springs Pel Sipsy possible blue eyes and polled (This Doe will be sold bred)

Groovy Goats BM Meadow possible blue eyes and polled

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