Our Boars

Each boar that we select for our breeding program should bring something that we are looking to add to our breeding program whether that is size as in overall weight, conformation, litter size, growth rate, or possibly all those factors. We are very careful in selecting our boars and buyers should be as well, a good boar can bring a lot to your breeding program especially if you only have one or two boars and want to improve your herd. So always look for quality stock from your breeder and consult the AKKPS or AKPR standards to help you choose your boars. 

GPP BH Tutaki 1 aka Stripe

AKPR 9923

    Sire: RSVP BH Tutaki 2

    SS: AFV BH Tutaki 3

    SD: USA Jenny 123


    Dam: RSVP Jenny 3

    DS: BVF Ru 19

    DD: USA Jenny 155




RKKR  Boris 8 Dudley

AKPR 12426

His father Benedict AKPR 2582 scored Excellent at 99% by AKPR unified scorecard!

    Sire: USA Boris 12+

    SS: USA Boris 4 ++

    SD: USA Aria Giana 2

    Dam: USA Tapeka 9

    DS: USA Ru 1+

    DD: BAIN Tapeka 8

Length: 38 inches

Weight: 94lbs

Mahia Love 5 aka Ash

AKPR 18382

    Sire: TIHF Mahia Love 7

    SS: USA Mahia Love 66+

    SD: BVF Rebecca Gina 8+


    Dam: TIHF Tapeka 12

    DS: Rainbow Te Whangi 1+

    DD: TFF Tapeka 5



Ash Chunk.jpeg

Whakanui aka Moose

    Sire: KKP Whakanui 2

    SS: TFF Whakanui 2

    SD: Tff Tarutaru 6


    Dam: PGF Tapeka 1

    DS: GMF Ru 17

    DD: TFF Tapeka 5



LIB Whakanui 10 "Tux

AKPR 17861

Sire:KKP Whakanui 13

SS: TFF Whakanui 2

SD: BAIN Tapeka 7

Dam: KKP Wilsons Gina 10

DS: KKP Boris 23

DD: USA Wilsons Gina 1

Coming Soon,

East Island Farm Ru (Cream) Boar "Blaze"

Meadowlake Farm (^%White) Boar) "Orion"

Orion Courtesy of Meadowlake Farm