Our Bucks

Our bucks are all ADGA registered and are from Castle Rock, Old Mountain Farm, Tua Farms, Camanna, Sequoia Mtn Farms, Wood Bridge, Stage Dragon, Loperizzed and Prairie Wood herds. It is important to have the highest quality heritage in our bucks. We consider friendliness, pedigree, dairy character, dam's udder, and overall conformity when selecting herd sires. 

Tyson mom udder.PNG

Sequoia Mtn CC Doll Catcher


Sire: Wood Bridge Farm China Calixto

SS: Wood Bridge Farm Booty Patrol

SD: Wood Bridge Farm Lil Chinadoll

Dam: Camanna HS Serafina in Blue

DS: Castle Rock Huron Sunset

DD: Camanna LI Cinnamon Girl

Dollcatcher's Dams Udder
Camanna HS Serafina in Blue

Sequoia Mtn Percy

Extras: Blue Eyes

Percy Sire's Dam Udder.PNG
Sire's Dams Udder

Sire: Castle Rock Clark's Nutcracker *B

SS:CRF Castle Rock Harvest Moon ++*B

SD: GCH AGS Cloverdale YJ Blue Raven 1*M

Dam: Sequoia Mtn L Makita

DS:The Blessings a Mini Larkin

DD: Toaheedliinii IM Gimli

Camanna MG Oriole

Orioles dam.PNG
Oriole's Dam
Camanna HS Blueberry Focaccia

Sire: Camanna MD Moonlight Gladdiel

SS: Camanna LI Moonlight Dandy +*B

SD: Old Mountain Farm Faladtaceeya 3 *M

Dam: Camanna HS Blueberry Focaccia 

DS: Castle Rock Huron Sunset *B

DD: Camanna BP Blueberry Biscotti

T-Hanging-A JJ

Extras: Polled and Blue Eyes


JJ's Sire's Dam - Zenon

Sire: Stage Dragon SD Hyper Drive

SS: Castle Rock Sundown * B

SD: SG Stage Dragon SA Zenon 2*M AR 2013

Dam: T-Hanging-A Aheeda

DS: Prairie Wood Blue Eyed Player *B

DD:AGE Little Avalon Lahdeedah

Tua Farms MB Bold Reflections   

Extras: Polled 

Reggie mom udder.PNG
Dam's Udder as a 1st Freshener, Tua Farms SH Smoke and Mirrors
(ADGA Elite List 2019 and 2020)

Sire: Old Mountain Farm M Bold N

SS: Old Mountain Farm Sayomis *B

SD: Old Mountain Farm Fat Tuesday

Dam: Tua Farms SH Smoke and Mirrors (ADGA Elite List 2019)

DS: Almar Acres HS Smokin Hot *B

DD: Poppy Patch PD Chantilly Lace 1*M

DLMG Farms BT Blue Oberon

Extras: Blue Eyes and Polled


Sire: Tua Farms CMB Blue Titan *B

SS: Camanna CB Cat Man Blue

SD: Rendale Kids Brown Sugar 1*M

Dam: Loperrized TTS Sephora 1*M

DS: Jacksons Royal BW Bayliner *B

DD: Loperrized TTS Sugar and Spice

Oberon mom udder.PNG
Oberon's Dam's
Loperrized TTS Sephora 1*M

Groovy Goats PE Harry Potter


This little guy was the last kid born of 2020 and he just won my heart over, plus he comes from great lines and look at that topline! So he stays and becomes a buck, but for now he gets to cuddle a little longer and hang out with his dam.Someday he will move to the buck pen and sire some wonderful new goat kids.

Sire: Sequoia Mtn CN Percy

SS: Castle Rock Clark's Nutcracker

SD: Sequoia Mtn L Makita

Dam: Sequoia Mtn BP Daisy

DS: Altheia JD Bachelor Party

DD: Gladdie Acres Beamer