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Our Herd Breeding Philosophy

All of our goats are ADGA registered, vaccinated yearly, copper bolused several times a year, and wormed as needed. Our herd name is Oak Grove Goats because we live on 45 beautiful acres of mixed Oak and Fir trees with a mix of forest and pasture. We aim to breed high quality Nigerian Dwarf goats with an emphasis on production and dairy character. We are members of the American Dairy Goat Association and our herd is closed and negative for CL, CAE, and Johnes. 

As breeders, it is our goal to help assist in the betterment of the Nigerian Dwarf and Nubian breed. All goats are adorable, but not all goats should become breeding stock. In order to improve the breed we feel it is important to be honest to our buyers and be mindful of bloodlines and overall dairy conformation. We will disclose if we feel a goat does not have proper breeding potential and try to place the goat in a pet home. We are also very selective in selling males as bucks unless they have excellent breeding potential. Therefore we may sell more males as wethers. 

Our Senior Does

Caprinos SS Charisma 3*M


Sire: NC Promisedland Sharp Flair *B

SS: GCH AGS Caesar's Villa STS Sharpie +B

SD: SGCH NC Promisedland SS Zoey 3*M

Dam: Caprinos TMM Charm 3*M

SS: AGS Sugar Creek Mtn Tell Me More  +*

SD:SG AGS Pholia Farm QS Trinket 2*M

charisma udder.JPEG
charisma udder2.JPEG

Sequoia Mtn CC Redbud (aka Fawn)

Sire: Wood Bridge Farm China Calixto

SS: Wood Bridge Farm Booty Patrol

SD: Wood Bridge Farm Lil Chinadoll

Dam: Sun Catcher Blue Manzanita

SS: LilCountryKids Mr Chips

SD: Sun Catcher Firefly

fawn udder side.jpg
fawn udder.jpg

Fawn's udder as a second freshner, she is averaging 5 lbs with once a day milking!

Tua Farms MB Gidget

Extras: Polled


Sire: Old Mountain Farm M Bold N

SS: Old Mountain Farm Sayomis

SD: Old Mountain Farm FAT Tuesday

Dam: GCH Oak Apple Greta GO Girl 2*M VEEE90

DS: Proctor Hill Farm TO GO Daddy

SS: Piddlin Acres W Taboo

gidget udder2.jpg
gidget udder side.jpg
gidget udder.jpg

Gidget's second freshening did not disappoint, she has lots of milk and is easy to milk out. She is averaging about 4 lbs.


Groovy Goats BR Sapphire Blue

Extras: Blue eyes

Sire: Tua Farms MB Bold Reflections *B

SS: Old Mountain Farm M Bold N

SD: SG Tua Farms SH Smoke and Mirrors 2 *M

Dam: Camanna AA Hera in Blue

SS:NC Camann CB Armani Amadeo

SD: Camanna OMF Ophelia in Blue

Sapphire udder2.jpg

1st Freshener Udder

Quaking Canopy Up Up and Away (aka Dolly)

Sire: Harley Hillside Truckee River

SS: Castle Rock Rockstar

SD: Castle Rock River of Rain

Dam: Quaking Canopy Olly Olly

DS: Camanna RM Moonlight Victory

DD: Castle Rock Saragosa

daisy udder.jpg

Sequoia Mtn BP Daisy

Extras: Polled

Sire: Alethia JD Bachelor Party

SS: Alethia CTO Just Dew It

SD: Buttin'heads Wedding Proposal

Dam: Gladdie Acres AR Beamer

SS: Gladdie Acres Giorgio Armani

SD: Gladdie Acres BV Austyn-Healy


2nd Freshening Udder average milk is about 3-4 lbs

Sequoia Mtn CC Lady Madonna (aka Willow) 

Sire: Wood Bridge Farm China Calixto

SS: Wood Bridge Farm Booty Patrol

SD: Wood Bridge Farm Lil Chinadoll

Dam: Toaheedliinii Lucy in the Sky

SS: Alethia ET I'm a Love Machine

SD: Toaheedliinii CK Petit YaYa

willow udder.jpg

2nd Freshening Udder

Willow udder2.jpg
3rd Freshening Udder
Average milking is 4 lbs

Groovy Goats DC Sienna

Sire: Sequoia Mtn CC Doll Catcher

SS: Woodbridge Farm China Calixto

SD: Camanna HS Serafina in Blue

Dam: Caprinos SF Charisma 3*M

DS: NC Promisedland Sharp Flair *B

DD: Caprinos TMM Charm 3*M

sienna udder2.jpg

3rd Freshening Udder

Currently milking about 4.2 lbs

 Calico Springs Annabeth

Sire: Quaking Canopy Durango Fir

SS: Castle Rock Yosemite Pin

SD: Castle Rock Dubliner Cheddar

Dam: Calico Springs SW Shalom

SS: Caprinos Tmm Sweet William

SD: Spots R Us Tina


Groovy Goats BR Feather

Sire: Tua Farms MB Bold Reflections *B

SS: Old Mountain Farm M Bold N

SD: SG Tua Farms SH Smoke and Mirrors 2 *M

Dam: Caprinos SF Charisma

SS:NC Promisedland Sharp Flair *B

SD: Caprinos TMM Charm 3 *M

feather udder.jpg

1st Freshner Udder

Loperized JT Jet Fuel

Sire: Loperrized JS Jettie

SS: CH Almar Acres O Leroy Jethro G *B

SD: Almar Acres HS Smoky Sky

Dam: Stayawhile CC Ice Cream

DS: Poppy Patch Creme De La Creme *B

DD: SGCH AGS Honey Goat Blondie 1*M

jett udder 2022.PNG

Jett as a 2nd Freshner, milking about 4.5 lbs

River udder.jpg

Stayawhile ML River's Edge

Sire:Desertnanny SS Mister Lincoln *B VEV87

SS: Desertnanny LD Stainless Steel *B

SD: Desertnanny BE Lacey Finlandia 3*M AR

Dam: Stayawhile HC Midnight Cruz 5*M VVVV85

DS:Rosasharn NP Honeymoon Cruz +*B VVE87

DD:Fuji Farm FFS Mazy 4*M VEEV87

2nd Freshener Udder
Milking 3 lbs

T-Hanging-A Sparkles

Sire: Prairie Wood Blue Eyed Player *B

SS: Little Tots Estate Leopard *B

SD: AGS Prairie Wood Player 1*M ST 2008

Dam: AGS Little Avalon Lahdeedah

DS: Calico Creek Noisome Creature

DD: AGS C-Springs Molly Hogan 1*M AR2014 ST 2018

sparkles udder.jpg

Milks about 3 lbs

Groovy Goats BM Meadow

Sire: Caprinos RO in a Blue Moon

SS: Pholia Farm HB Rogue

SD: Caprinos BBJ Irene

Dam: Calico Springs Pel Merek

DS: The Piece of Eden WS Legacy

DD: Calico Springs SW Shalom

meadow udder copy.jpg

Currently milking 3.5 lbs

Groovy Goats PE Winter

Sire: Sequoia Mtn CN Percy
SS: Castle Rock Clark's Nutcracker +*B
SD: Sequoia Mtn L Makita

Dam: Petrichor Oak Grove Snowy

DS: Blythmoor Payday *B

DD: Blythmoor Jujube

winter udder.jpg

1st Freshening Udder

Reference Goats

Petrichor Oak Grove Smoky

Sire: Blythmoor Payday

SS: Diji Farm SD Gunslinger

SD: Blythmoor HM Almond Joy

Dam: Blythmoor Bailey

SS: Camana  Li Moonlight Dandy

SD: Blythmoor Allspice


Smokey was sold to another herd

3rd Freshening Udder

Stayawhile EA Speed Reader

Sire: Mistwood Epic of Amity

SS: Tua Farms SP Party Cruiser

SD: Dairy *Meadows RB Melodrama 2*M

Dam: Stayahile Read ME A Story

DS: Windy Gorge HJ Thats My Story *B

DD: Rosasharn RS B-Licious 5*M

speed reader.jpg
speedie udder.jpg
speedie side udder.jpg
speedie udder.PNG

Speedie unexpectedly passed away in February 2023.

T-Hanging-A Creamsicle

    Sire: Prairie Wood Blue Eyed Played *B

    SS: Little Tots Estate Leopard *B

    SD: AGS Prairie Wood Player 1*M           ST2008

    Dam: AGS Beartooth Nigerians Sparkler

    DS: AGS Gateway Kaleidoscope Eyes

    DD: AGS Van Goght Jazz

Creamsicle aka Creme
creme udder.jpg
creme udder side.jpg

Creme was sold to another herd

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