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Our Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dogs

Why Great Pyrenees?

There are many different types of livestock guardians as well as many types of breeds of livestock guardian dogs that can protect livestock on your farm.  When we considered what we wanted it included an animal that was good with other dogs, something that was dedicated to protecting our goats without harming them or their young, and an animal that was good with our kids as well. We quickly determined that the Great Pyrenees was the best fit for us and our situation. We wanted them to have the ability to form a strong bond with our herd of dairy goats, show a strong nurturing instinct, have a very low chance of injuring the animals they were in charge of protecting, be able to withstand our hot summers and rainy winters, and have a high success rate of keeping predators at bay. As studies have shown, no other breed of LGD could compare to the Great Pyrenees. Great Pyrenees are "guardians" of their flock or herd, they protect by developing a connection with the animals they are surrounded by and keep predators away by barking to warn them that they will be there to protect the animals they are with. They protect out of love and nurturing for their herd and this is why they are the only guardian we would trust.

Protection from Predators

Great Pyrenees protect by barking to warn predators away from their herd and their territory. They work best in pairs, one will often guard the perimeter of their territory while the other stays with the herd to protect. They are nocturnal by nature, so while it may look like they are just sleeping the day away, that is so that they can stay awake at night and protect. We strongly recommend a pair of spayed or neutered dogs to work together as a team with your livestock. As puppies they will seek out each other for roughhousing rather than chasing or playing with your livestock. As adults, they support one another in guarding and nurturing and you'll find that two dogs working together offer more than twice the protection of two dogs working alone. If you are purchasing a second dog to help an older LGD, you will also experience these benefits as well the added advantage of having the older LGD train and mentor the younger puppy.

Puppy Waiting List or Expected Puppies

Our AKC registered Great Pyrenees, Lily, and our AKC Registered male, Apollo, will have puppies in the fall of 2022.  The puppies will be $1200 each with AKC limited registration. To get on our waiting list please email me at or call Holly at 503-400-2499. I will get back to you, ask you a few questions and if you are still interested you can put down a deposit and I will put you on the waiting list.  Lily is a great livestock guardian and she will pass along her abilities to her puppies, Apollo is also a great guardian and is a large, easy going male. These are going to be great puppies! Both Lily and Apollo have done great on our farm protecting our goats and pigs and come from guarding backgrounds.

Our purebred Great Pyrenees Luna and our AKC Registered male, Charlie are on hold having puppies for right now.  Luna was our first livestock guardian and an excellent guardian that taught all our other dogs what to do. She is our dominant dog in our pack, no one messes with her. Charlie is the father of her puppies and he is a large, easy going dog. He is also a puppy from our AKC registered Lily and Apollo. He combines the traits that we are hoping to pass on to every LGD, he is calm with the goats, mellow personality in general, submissive to our alpha, and in general a great LGD.

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