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Nigerian Dwarf Goats

So, you've decided you want goats. Maybe its for milk production, clearing brush or land, or they just make great pets. You should always get at least two goats because goats like company and don't do well alone. I won't sell a single goat unless they are going to a home with other companion goats or other animals.  Its always best to start with young goats so they get used to you and grow up well socialized. If you are looking for pets, 4-H projects, or brush clearing you should start with a doeling (young female ) or a wether (neutered male). If you are looking to milk you could either start with a doeling or a mother doe in milk with her young babies. 

Five Reasons You Should You Choose Nigerian Dwarf Goats

  1. Nigerian Dwarf Goats are smaller, only about 20" tall and 60-75 lbs. This makes them great with kids and easier to handle. 

  2. Smaller goats means less food, so Nigerian Dwarf goats require less expense to keep them fed. 

  3. Among the dairy breeds, Nigerian Dwarf goats milk has the highest levels of butter fat (6-10% versus 2-6 % for other goat breeds) making it so creamy it is often preferred over cows milk. 

  4. Goats milk is good for you. Goats milk is easier to digest than cows milk and it is naturally homogenized, with smaller fat particles evenly suspended throughout the milk. 

  5. Most dairy goat breeds can only be bred in the fall, so you have lots of milk in the spring but then they start to dry up later in the year. Nigerian Dwarf goats can be bred year round, so you can stagger your breeding schedule to have milk year round. 

Our does are chosen for good conformation, excellent miking genetics, large teat size, large orifice size, good milkers, and friendliness.

Our bucks are chosen for good breeding lines, excellent milking genetics, traits they can bring to our herd or yours and friendliness. 

Please visit our breeding schedule page to view what goats we are breeding next or our planned matings.

If we have available kids they will be posted on this page. We will be breeding in the spring and fall in order to keep a good milking supply as well as providing kids to sell in both the spring and fall. 

Sometimes we may decide to bring in some new lines and sell one of our breeding does, bucks, or does in milk with or without her kids. Please visit this page to see our availability on adult does, wethers, and bucks. 

Please visit this page to see some pictures of our goats and Great Pyrenees dogs.

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