Our Sows and Gilts  We strive to buy the best structurally sound, registered stock to breed in order to produce the best piglets to sell to our customers. We try to have a variety of lines, colors, and sizes in order to help you find what you are looking for in a kune kune pig. Kune kunes are great mothers, easy keepers, easy on fences, great pasture eaters, friendly, great pets, good with other livestock, and the best pig you will ever own.


GPP Jenny 1 AKPR 9929

Sire: RSVP BH Tutaki 2

SS: AFV BH Tutaki 3

SD: USA Jenny 123

Dam: RSVP Jenny 3

DS: BVF Ru 19

DD: USA Jenny 155


5/14/20 litter to AKPR 18382 Mahia Love 8 piglets all double wattled 5 gilts 3 boars


Lil Miss Piggy 

RKKR Jenny 7 AKPR 17423

Sire: USA Whakanui 6

SS: NZ Whakanui1

SD:TFF Haunene 2

Dam: USA Jenny160 +

DS: USA Mahia Love 63

DD: USA Jenny 111


Nani SMK Tapeka 5

AKPR 9358

Sire:Barton Hill Ru 40

SS:Barton Hill Ru 26

SD:Long Ash Trish 820

Dam: TFF Tapeka 15

DS: TFF Mahia Love 4

DD: TFF Tapeka 13


3/12/20 litter to AKPR 9923 BH Tutaki 6 piglets 3 gilts and 3 boars, 5 double wattled and 1 no wattles

Next litter to AKPR 18382 Mahia Love due 9/25


Theresa Tapeka from LDF

AKPR 15041

Sire: CH HCF TeWhangi2

SS: USA Te Whangi 25

SD: BACON Wilsons Gina 6

Dam: LDF Tapeka 6

DS: DDC Ru 1

DD: PGF Tapeka 2


First litter due 10/23 bred to Moose a Whakanui


Banded Tapeka

North Carolina

(daughter to Cummberbund from Lonedove Farm)

Sire: KKP Whakanui2

SS: TFF Whakanui 2

SD: TFF Tarutaru 6

Dam: PGF Tapeka 1

DS: GMF Ru 17

DD: TFF Tapeka 5


Sally Line

Tangerine Dream AKPR 15060

    Sire:DDC Ru 1

    SS: BVF Ru 14

    SD: BVF Rona 30

    Dam: USA Sally 1

    DS: USA Boris 4++

    DD: BBK Sally 1


CVF Rebecca Gina 2 Kiki

AKPR 16495

    Sire: SMK Tonganui 5

    SS: BVF Tonganui 28

    SD: CAM Tarutaru 6

    Dam: TIHF Rebecca Gina 7

    DS: USA Mahia Love 66+

    DD: BVF Rebecca Gina 8+


Aria Giana Naomi

    Sire: CAM Boris 12

    SS: PCF Boris 12

    SD: TFF Tapeka 14


    Dam: USA Aria Giana 28

    DS: USA Boris 4++

    DD: USA Aria Giana 2


TPF Rona 2 "Rylie"

AKPR 19505

Sire: LDF Whakanui 5

SS:KKP Whakanui 2

SD: LDF Tapeka 2

Dam: RSVP Rona 13

DS: RSVP BH Tutaki 2

DD: USA Rona 6

Picture courtesy of The Prairie Homestead

CAM Tarutaru 10 "Fern"

AKPR 11647

Sire:PCF Boris 12

SS: GGR Boris 1

SD:GMF Trish 14

Dam: CAM Tarutaru 5

DS:DWF Tuahuru 13

DD: TFF Tarutaru 5