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Great Pyrenees Photo Gallery

This is Luna, our Un-Registered purebred Great Pyrenees. She is an awesome livestock guardian and we have not had any predator issues since we got her in 2017. She comes from a great background of livestock guarding, both on her mother and father's side.  Her mother is from Hawes Heritage Farm and her father is from Copper Penny Ranch. She is our alpha in our herd of Great Pyrenees. She was our first LGD and bonded immediately with the goats and lived with them from the beginning she also taught all of our other livestock guardian's the ropes. She does it all, aerial predators, stays with the herd, perimeter watch, whatever needs doing she can handle it all.


This is Apollo, as a puppy, our AKC Registered Great Pyrenees. He is very lovable and sometimes goofy and always friendly.  Whenever a new person comes to the farm, he is always there to welcome them. He prefers to survey the perimeter, but is always ready to defend his herd. He is a very laid back male and is submissive to our alpha female, Luna.


This is Apollo as an adult, just checking me out through the fence.

This is Luna again, just hanging out. 


This is Lily, our AKC registered girl with one of her puppies from her 2020 litter. Lily is talkative, lovey, sensitive, and a picky eater. She loves extra attention from her people and loves to guard the goats in the barn but also loves to go help Apollo go for a run and check the perimeter, teach a puppy how to protect, stay on patrol, and generally is a great livestock guardian and mother to her puppies when she has them. She comes from a background of livestock guarding and we shipped her to our farm from Blissberry Dairy Farm in Minnesota in 2018.


This is Apollo, he loves to get wet and muddy in the summer to cool down. He can often be seen in the water trough.


This is Lily, our AKC Registered Great Pyrenees.  She is submissive to our alpha, Luna and she is also very good with our all of our animals. Even as a puppy she was great with young goats, ducks and chickens. She loves to find a high spot to survey her land and protect her charges, she is also very affectionate and loves to get pets and gives kisses. We kept two puppies from her last litter with Apollo, a boy and a girl. Both of them are excellent guardians, the girl is better with the chickens and is our indoor girl, Skye, and Charlie the boy is a working young guardian that prefers to stay with the goats.


This is Charlie, another AKC registered Great Pyrenees livestock guardian. He is Lily and Apollo's puppy and has always shown great instincts for guarding. As a puppy, he would calmly sit with the goats, ever watchful and very bonded to the herd. He is a very submissive male, he can sometimes seem shy, especially as a puppy, but he gets along well with all the dogs and livestock. As he has gotten older we are so happy with his guarding skills at such a young age.


These are 2019 puppies from Lily and Apollo's litter at about 4 months old including Lily and Apollo. 

charlie pig and goat.jpeg

This is Charlie doing what he does best, sticking with the herd!

apollo and blaze.jpeg

This is Henry, Luna and Charlie's puppy, our newest guardian practicing his guarding skills sleeping with the piglets.

Apollo was very interested this new piglet!

This is Skye, a puppy of Lily and Apollo that we kept as an indoor dog going on an off leash walk.  She is such a sweet, loving beautiful dog!

These are 2019 Lily and Apollo puppies. livestock.

These are 2019 Luna and Apollo puppies. 


These are Lily and Apollo's 2020 puppies.

Lily puppy 2020.jpeg
Apollo with goats.jpg

Apollo hanging out with the goats under a tree.

These are Luna and Charlie's puppies in 2020

luna puppy 2020.PNG

This is our new AKC female, Sierra, she is 8 months old and she comes from a wonderful line of working guardians. She doesn't have any history of allergies in her family or line, both her parents have Excellent OFA hips, and she has a wonderful disposition and is great with all of the goats and other dogs.


Luna hanging out with the baby goats 

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