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New Goats

Yesterday we acquired two new goats from the Caprinos herd at Quail Hollow near Forest Grove, OR. We wanted to add some great genetics into our herd and another milker. So we bought Felicity who is a 4 year old with great genetics and Charisma who is 6 also has great genetics and is currently in milk.

So this morning we milked Merek, which went great as usual, but she hasn't been producing much milk. Then we milked Charisma, that was quite a chore! She is used to being machine milked with 39 other goats, so hand milking in our little barn was quite different for her. Its going to take some time for her to get comfortable. But that's ok, after much adjustment to her smaller nipples for us, and lots of stomping, laying down, and spilled milk all over ourselves we finished. She was milked and we got about 25-30 ounces from her. That's almost a quart, good job Charisma.

Yesterday was also a big day for us since I published the website, so we are live! Yeah! This was a big accomplishment, something that has been in the works for almost a year now. I had an idea that I would acquire some milking goats, acquire some Great Pyrenees dogs to start breeding them when they are old enough as Livestock Guardian Dogs, and starting making goats milk soap and other beauty products with goats milk. After lots of trial and error we think we have come up with several products that are now for sale that are palm free, homemade, and overall great products that moisturize and are good for your skin without all the artificial chemicals and stuff that is in most soap, lotion, and other beauty products. So let the business begin, we are off to a great start.

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