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New Goats with the Livestock Guardian Dogs

Well, our new goats aren't getting along that well with the Livestock Guardian Dogs. Both of our dogs are technically puppies, 9 months and 3 months and sometimes they will chase the goats, especially if the goats run. So the two new goats we got from Caprinos Quail Hollow are very friendly but not used to young livestock guardians. They had a very old guardian with them and he wasn't with all of the goats. One goat, Felicity, really hates the dogs. She hides out on the log rounds and tries to stay out of their way. While the other new goat, Charisma, is doing better as long as she doesn't run away.

For now we are separating the female goats from the dogs and putting the livestock guardian dogs in the male goat pasture during the day and then putting them back in with the majority of our goats in the female pasture. At least this way, the new goats get a long break during the day and are learning to integrate with the other goats. Then at night we put the dogs back in to protect the herd and usually the goats are just sleeping then, so they get left alone, plus Luna our older livestock guardian is very busy at night running aroundpatrolling and barking, barking, barking. Did I say that Great Pyren

ees love to bark? Well Luna just thinks its the best at night, when she hears something.

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