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Available Puppies For Sale

Our Puppies

Our LGDs are successfully guarding our goats, chickens, and ducks. They are exposed to young livestock as well horses, cats, family dogs, and children. We offer puppies from both purebred but not registered to AKC registered (limited). One of our female LGDs is AKC registered and one is not and both our male LGDs are AKC registered. Our puppies will be raised in the barn and in the pasture with our herd of dairy goats and next to our chickens and ducks but will still require some training on your part. We will take them to our chickens and ducks for training if you would like. They will leave our farm having been vet checked, dewormed, and receiving their first vaccines. They will go to their new homes with a puppy pack that includes a collar, puppy food, and health record. 


Puppy Reservations

We are expecting a litter of puppies from Lily and Apollo mid July, these puppies will be $1200  each with AKC limited registration which means the puppies are not to be used for breeding. Full Registration will include breeding rights and may be available on a case by case basis to reputable breeders. Lily and Apollo have recently have their hips x-rayed to ensure that they do not have any evidence of hip dysplasia or arthritis. Apollo scored an OFA score of Excellent and Lily received an OFA score of Good. Breeding dogs should have scores of Excellent, Good or Fair. We wanted to get their hips checked in order to ensure that your puppies would live a long life and not die early of hip problems, which many large breeds suffer from. One of the things we think responsible breeders should check for in their breeding quality dogs.  If you would like to get on our waiting list, please email us at Once you are on our waiting list you will be notified when the puppies are born and what is available A deposit to reserve a puppy of $200 will get you on our waiting list as well as the order in which you can select your puppy at 8 weeks. You can pay your deposit through PayPal or Venmo. This deposit is non-refundable and will be put toward the purchase price of a puppy.

Puppy Placement

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It is very important for us to place our puppies in an environment where they will thrive and work best for your farm, ranch or home. We will work closely with you to determine the best puppy for your situation. Some puppies are better suited to family homes and some are better suited to working on a farm. Puppy selection begins while they are still with us at about 5-6 weeks. By that age we are able to evaluate temperament and LGD traits. Some traits that we look for in our Livestock Guardian puppies are low activity level, low prey drive, independence of human companionship, and curious but cautious reaction to livestock. LGD research has shown that neither male nor female is particularly better and that both genders guard well especially if neutered. 

The balance on your puppy is due after puppy selection. If you currently have a Great Pyrenees LGD, your puppy can go home at 8 weeks of age since it will learn from your existing dog, however if this is your first dog we will keep the puppies until 12 weeks of age on our farm working with our animals. You are welcome to come to our farm to pick up your puppy or we can ship your new puppy by air. Puppies that will be pets can also go home at 8 weeks.  Transportation, airfare, shipping crate, vet fees, and any other associated costs are due prior to shipping. We offer lifetime breeder support and are always happy to offer advice or answer questions. 

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