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This is the best little goat farm! I bought fresh goats milk this spring when raising a litter of puppies. It was rich, high quality milk and the dogs loved it. I'm not a huge fan of goats milk myself, but I tried it and it was good. I've also purchased soap and lotion. Both are amazing!

Jennifer Weikel - Monmouth, Oregon

I like the soap and the lotion very much, happy to have it with me in Israel.

Tami Kern - Israel

Since my hands are in and out of the water constantly, having a gentle, natural lotion has really made my hands soft and supple. I love that this product is local and made with love. 

Anicia, Criscione - Corvallis, Oregon

I bought a few of the bars of soap and when I opened the box it smelled absolutely lovely. I use the soap in the shower, at the sink, for washing my face. I have even used it as a shampoo. I love it.I have sensitive skin with a skin allergy to certain preservatives found in soaps and shampoos, so I appreciate the natural ingredients in this soap that prevents flare ups. 

The scents fade quite a bit, but it lingers just enough to give the hint of orange, rosemary, or mint. I will definitely be buying more!

Giuia Abano Grady - Maine

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